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S59-1005SR Ligature-Resistant SR Shower Valve Cat. No. 9BL0055


Ligature-Resistant Design

Equipped with Equa-Flo SR Pressure Balancing Valve for Long Term Reliability and Durability

Contoured Handle to Eliminate Horizontal Surface

Durable Stainless Steel Balancing Piston

Checkstops on Inlets

½” NPT Connections

Control Handle Rotates From Off Through Cold to Hot. Volume is Constant. Water Temperature

is Maintained by a Stainless Steel Piston Which Instantly Detects Changes in Supply

Pressures and Automatically Adjusts Discharge Ports Keeping Shower Temperature Constant

to Within 2° of Desired Setting.

Escutcheon: 6-1/2” Diameter with Stops

2-1/4” Depth from Finished Wall

ASSE 1016 Certified