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Sloan Single Flush EBV-500-A SMO Cat. No. 921S267

Sloan Single Flush EBV-500-A SMO Cat. No. 921S267

(Code 3325500)

Battery-Powered, Sensor Activated, Single Flush Retrofit Conversion Kit for

Exposed Closet or Urinal Flushometers.

ADA Compliant Infrared Side-Mount Sensor for “No Hands” operation

Chrome Plated Housing Infrared Sensor Housing

Non-Hold Open True Mechanical Override (TMO) Full Flush Button

Initial Set-Up Range Indicator Light (first 10 minutes)

User-friendly three (3) second Flush Delay

Four (4) Size alkaline Batteries included

Low Battery Flashing LED

User in View Flashing LED

Can be installed when handle is on left or right side of valve

Installation Tools provided

The Side-Mount units can be used on standard rough-in Sloan, Royal, Regal,

Crown and Zurn flushometers.

Use EBV-500-A-G for Sloan GEM Flushometers